Franchised Offices
The first step in the process of helping one organize their financial affairs is to take a detailed look at how you manage your cost of living, how your debts are structured, how much you are paying for            
insurance premiums and overall are these affairs structured              
so as to minimize taxation. When the foregoing are properly                
organized your disposable income is maximized.                  
Disposable income is what is available for savings and                    
managing your risks.                   

After 15 years experience with the equities market as                   
mutual fund Dealers it is our opinion that the equities                 
market is no place for ordinary people like our clients when               
it comes to retirement planning in most cases unless we can              
protect our clients from market losses. The risk of loss of            
capital and destroyed dreams is far too high without a       
downside protection.

        We consider that every event in the life of an ordinary person is a
              risk. Even savings are at risk. Our philosophy is to
                  continuously search the financial world for solutions to
                       our client’s risks that enable us to shift every risk
                         shown on our Wheel of Life away from our clients  
                           and onto the large corporations such as banks and
                            insurance companies. WE ARE PROUD TO SAY
                             THAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED THIS.

                            There is no down side to our Retirement Savings
                           programs. Our clients participate in the equities
                         market when it is rising and when it is falling the
                       insurance industry takes the loss for our clients.